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New Year's Eve menu

Tasting Menu

The aperitif

  • Salt cod and roasted red pepper fritters

  • Mushroom and apple croquette

The snack

  • Aubergine Milanese with kimchi
  • Sirloin carpaccio, with egg yolk, mustard and red chiles

The starter

  • White asparagus from Tudela, escabeche and vermouth

The fish

  • Hake confit, sea stock, codium algae and fresh peas

The meat

  • Taco of suckling lamb, cauliflower couscous, truffle and amontillado

The break or pre-dessert

  • Vanilla milk curd, strawberry and coca cola sorbet

The sweet

  • Cheesecake three ways

€40 incl. VAT

Price with wine cellar accompaniment: €60 including VAT.

This menu is served to a full table. Wine separate.

Estimated menu time: 1h15.